Job Interviews can be a stressful experience at the best of the times. However unlike your extroverts who can relish in the environment (despite the stresses), when you’re an introvert that stress can turn in to dread causing you to become more introverted than normal, resulting in giving short answers to coming across as disinterested.

So how do you overcome this! Firstly you have to recognise that the interview format will never give you the opportunity to feel completely comfortable. Therefore it’s important that you take control and make the environment comfortable for you. Just like extroverts have their introverted side, introverts have their extroverted side. This side for introverts tends to come out when you’re comfortable in your environment. In this mode you can be funny, engaging and talkative as any extrovert. Therefore by getting in to your extroverted mode quicker, will automatically result in your finding the interview environment more comfortable than before, therefore allowing you to give a stronger interview performance. So below are my four pieces of Interview Advice For Introverts to help you in this process.

  1. Engage with people on your way to the interview, talk to someone on the phone, have chat with the barista when buying your coffee, ask them about their day. When you arrive at reception talk to the receptionist, ask their name, ask them how it’s like to work here, try to normalise the situation as much as possible.
  2. Have ‘small talk’ talking points prepared beforehand so that in your initial engagement with the interviewers i.e. in the corridor, you’re able get the conversation moving and build rapport.
  3. Research the interviewers before the interview i.e. LinkedIn, twitter, find out more about their interests to help you with point
  4. Have a positive mindset, see the whole process as a win win, by getting out of your comfort zone with point 1-3 you are investing in the development of your social skills which will help you outside of the interview environment. Therefore whether you’re successful in the interview or not you are still improving.
Blog post Interview Advice For Introverts written by Farhan Raja Lead Coach and Founder of Job Interviewology. Why not sign up for our free interview coaching


Farhan Raja

I'm Farhan, the Founder and Coach at, one of the world’s leading Career and interview Coaching specialists. Bringing over a decade of industry experience and a passion for guiding individuals in their career journeys. As an Interview and Career Coach, I've authored the eBook '10 Simple Steps to CV & Resume Success,' directed a leading UK CV writing specialist, and pioneered the iPREP interview coaching methodology.

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