A message of support to those who have been made redundant or experienced redundancy

The Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world, commissioned by a heartbroken Mughal Emperor in the memory of his beloved wife. Then there is the great wall, a thousand mile barrier built to keep the nomadic invaders from pillaging and stealing the riches of Northern China. In mentioning these two iconic wonders, let’s not forget the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, The Coliseum in Rome and the Palace of Persepolis.

As people, we marvel in awe at these incredible empiroric feats, but lest not forget that they didn’t magically pop in to existence. It took hundreds if not thousands of workers, the labours that carried the rocks, the clobbers who placed those bricks and the craftspersons who carefully engraved and beautified the walls. Yet their names rarely make the footprint in the annuls of history, long forgotten. Without them, there is no empire, there is not Taj Mahal, no Great wall or Pyramids!

Fast forward to the present day, empires have been replaced by multinational companies, your Apples, Amazons, Nestles and Pfizers of the world. Accumulating wealth many empires of past would look at with begrudging envy. Yet like those empires the root of their modern day success lay on the shoulders of hard working men and women. Waking up at 7am for the morning hustle and getting home at 6 in the evening, putting aside their personal lives to ensure the company vision, goals and objectives are achieved.

success lay on the shoulders of hard working men and women

However like any successful empire, it has to continually evolve and adapt to a changing environment, whether that means adopting new ways of governance, investing in new technologies or economic strategy. The side effect of this adaption is at least in the short term, is that those very ‘annons’ who played a critical role in achieving great feats and successes have to suffer and pay the price, who needs a sword smith when you can import a gun.

In our interconnected world, the competition has become even stronger, the change even faster. The casualties of change are given the diagnosis of redundancy. No longer required, disposable! This is the sad truth of a highly competitive global business environment. For those that have experienced redundancy, from the anxious wait of the consultation period to finally being told you’re surplus requirement. The dejection can be devastating, the longer you worked for your company the worse it feels and with financial pay offs not being as generous as in the past, the landing is a little harder, the financial implications more evident in your weekly shopping budget.

the competition has become even stronger, the change even faster

However, putting it rather crudely one company’s trash is another company’s treasure. Give a Software Developer a chisel and hammer and they’ll go home and put it in the shed, give it to a Sculptor and they’ll make you a statue!

one company’s trash is another company’s treasure.

So my post goes out to all the anons, the grafters, those talented people who either have been made redundant or are in the process of going through it.

Remember that with every door that closes behind you, there is another in front of your waiting to be opened. Don’t fall in to the trap and think that you’re at fault, or inadequate. Yes, some polish and support is required whether it’s writing a kick ass CV/Resume, help with your job search or fine tuning your interview skills. A treasure chest is usually full of gold, and gold never loses its value. Privileged are those who manage to find you.

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About the Author: Farhan Raja (@interviewology) is the founder of Jobinterviewology.com , author of ’10 Simple Steps to CV & Resume Success’ and Creator of the IPReP™ Interview Training Methodology.

Farhan Raja

I'm Farhan, the Founder and Coach at JobInterviewology.com, one of the world’s leading Career and interview Coaching specialists. Bringing over a decade of industry experience and a passion for guiding individuals in their career journeys. As an Interview and Career Coach, I've authored the eBook '10 Simple Steps to CV & Resume Success,' directed a leading UK CV writing specialist, and pioneered the iPREP interview coaching methodology.

My career and interview coaching has spanned over 10 years across diverse industries, from IT giants like Google and Microsoft to vital sectors like Civil Service & NHS, Pharma, Finance, Engineering, Automotive, Construction, Logistics, Banking, and Management Consulting. I've had the privilege of assisting professionals in presenting their best selves, and targeting roles at renowned companies like Amazon, GSK, EY, Shell, Rolls Royce and more.

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