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Specialised Interview Coaching Services, Big Interviews Made Easy

We provide a complete range of online job interview coaching solutions including 1 to 1 face to face interview preparation, online courses, zoom interviews coaching, telephone interviews, interview presentations and group workshops. We work with clients from across the UK and Europe (London, Birmingham, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Paris, Milan, Geneva).
Civil Service Interview Coaching
Civil Service Coaching. Across all public sector services including Civil, Fire, Police, Social Services & Teachers. For roles Admin, Operational and Projects. Learn to answer competency questions with confidence.
Management Interviews Coaching
Soft skills focused interviews, including for Team Leaders, Departmental Heads, Operational and Project Managers. Learn to develop engaging answers, deliver with confidence and conviction.
Competency Based Interviews Coaching
Learn how to answer Competency Based Questions (STAR technique) with confidence structure and conviction. For all sectors and levels (including entry level, managerial, and senior roles).
Corporate Interview Coaching
Corporate Interview Coaching including for Management Consultancy roles, Accountancy, Legal, Financial and Risk. Learn how to answer competency questions, strength based questions with confidence and depth.
Group Interview Coaching & Presentations
Successfully learn to navigate and shine group interviews. Also learn how to successfully develop and deliver engaging presentations to shine at interview.
Executive Interview Coaching
Senior Management interview coaching covering CEO, COO, VP and Director level positions. Learn to develop high quality engaging narratives and increase gravitas.
Amazon Interview Coaching
Training for Amazon leadership principles based interviews. The loop interview and bar raiser. Across all Amazon businesses Prime, AWS, Audible, Ring & Twitch.
Graduate Interview Coaching
Graduate interview training, whether it's an assessment day, video interview, group or face to face, our experienced coaches can help you raise your interview performance.
Video Interview Coaching
Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Skype video interview coaching. Our expert coaches will train you to deliver a high level, confident and refined interview performance via video call.
NHS Interview Coaching
NHS Interview Preparation for Clinical and Non Clinical roles. Learn how to pass competency and value based interviews.
Google Interview Coaching
Learn to master Google interviews including RRK, GCA and Googleyness & Leadership and successfully navigate each stage with our expert coaches.

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Featured Success Story

“In a nutshell, working with Job Interviewology has been life-changing. Let’s me explain…

Following an exceptionally bad interview experience (wherein I was left to feel mocked and incapable by the interviewers), I had a very anxious mindset when it came to progressing my career. Terrified of the thought of having to go through more brutal interviews. That all changed when I stumbled across Job Interviewology. What started as a friendly introductory chat over the phone spurred me on: I wanted to change this toxic, unconfident mindset which had been holding me back for far too long. After a 1-1 coaching session, I had a eureka moment: it didn’t matter how talented or experienced I was if I couldn’t convince others of this skillset. From that moment on,  I became a different person in the context of my career: I became exceptionally confident and bold!

Fast forward to the present day and, after two brilliant interviews, I’ve been offered both jobs – and have ended up landing my dream job working for a huge industry leading company. Trust me when I say that you won’t regret investing in Job Interviewology: it has literally changed my life.”

Belle- Content Marketing Manager (UK)
interview coaching 5 star rating

Our Story
About us
“Never underestimate what you’re capable of achieving”

Job Interviewology is based in Oxford (UK), we pride ourselves in providing a world class bespoke Interview coaching service in London, Europe, US & Globally. Our experts possess over 10 years experience in consulting, mentoring and coaching, helping over a thousand professionals on their career journey to achieve their goals. Professionals from a range of industries including I.T, Pharma, Finance, Engineering, Automotive, Construction, Logistics, Banking, Management Consultancies and the Public Sector.

Our goal is simple, we want to help you present the strongest version of yourself  so that you can go on to secure your dream job, as we always say “never underestimate what you’re capable of achieving”. Please feel free to drop us a message or sign up for a free 20 minute online interview coaching consultation.

Our Philosophy 

  • Believe – That you are a unique individual brimming with potential
  • Invest – Your time, resources and energy
  • Evolve – To become a stronger version of yourself
  • Achieve – Your career objective

Our Values

  • Honesty – Is the backbone of a successful relationship
  • Innovation – Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible
  • Empathy – Understanding the needs, journey and story of others
  • Empower – Never underestimate what you’re capable of achieving
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Interview Coaching Consultation

Session will last 20 mins via telephone

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    A job interview coach is a professional who helps individuals prepare for job interviews by providing advice and guidance on how to present themselves effectively and answer questions in a way that showcases their skills and qualifications. The primary responsibilities of a job interview coach may vary, but generally, they help clients develop and practise their interview skills, including

    • Answering common interview questions
    • Asking questions of the interviewer
    • Talking about their skills and experience
    • Discussing their strengths and weaknesses
    • Handling difficult or unexpected questions

    A job interview coach may also provide advice on how to prepare for an interview, such as reviewing the job posting and researching the company. As well as tips on how to dress and behave during the interview. They may also help clients practise their body language, the tone of voice and provide feedback on how to improve their overall presentation.


    There are a few key steps in effectively coaching someone on interview questions:

    • Understand the job and the company: It’s important to have a clear understanding of the job and the company the person is interviewing with. This will help you tailor your coaching to the specific requirements and culture of the organisation.
    • Review common interview questions: Familiarise yourself with common interview questions, such as those related to the person’s experience, skills, and fit for the role.
    • Practice with the person: Have the person practise answering the questions out loud, and provide feedback on their delivery, including their body language and tone of voice.
    • Offer guidance on how to answer: Help the person understand how to structure their responses, including how to highlight their strengths and qualifications in a way that is relevant to the job and the company.
    • Role play: Consider role-playing the interview with the person, so they can practise answering questions and receiving feedback in a simulated interview setting.
    • Offer encouragement and support: Finally, a coach will be supportive, encouraging and remind the person that they have the skills and experience to do well in the interview.


    It would be best to research and compare various coaching organisations to find one that meets your specific needs and budget. Here are some things you may want to consider when looking for an interview coaching organisation:

    • Reputation: Look for an organisation with a good reputation in the industry. You can ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues, or do some research online to read reviews and testimonials.
    • Experience: Consider an organisation with experienced coaches who have a track record of helping people succeed in interviews.
    • Services offered: Look for a company that offers the types of services you need, whether it’s mock interviews, resume review, or guidance on answering common interview questions.
    • Pricing: Consider the cost of the coaching and whether it fits your budget.
    • Flexibility: Look for an company that offers flexible scheduling options to fit your needs.

    It’s also a good idea to reach out to the organisation and ask any questions you may have before committing to their services. This will help you get a better understanding of what they offer and whether they are a good fit for you.


    Interview coaching and career coaching are both types of professional coaching that can help individuals achieve their career goals. However, they focus on different aspects of the career development process. 

    Interview training is focused on preparing for specific job interviews, while career coaching is focused on helping individuals achieve their long-term career goals.


    Your Interview Trainer will contact you prior to the 1 2 1 interview coaching class with either a call or an email stating the things that you should do. If you’ve enrolled in our interview preparation program then you would be expected to complete our online interview training course first called ‘Get Hired’. There are several steps you can take to prepare for an interview:

    • Research the company
    • Review the job posting
    • Practice answering common interview questions
    • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer
    • Dress appropriately and be punctual

    By following these steps, you can feel more prepared and confident going into the interview.


    Job interview coaches typically charge by the hour for their services. The cost can vary widely, depending on factors such as the coach’s level of experience, the location of the coaching, and the specific type of coaching being provided. Some coaches may charge as little as  £50 per hour, while others may charge  £100 or more per hour. Some coaches may also offer packages of multiple sessions at a discounted rate.

    It’s worth noting that the cost of hiring a job interview coach is an investment in your career and can be well worth it if it helps you land a job that you are well-suited for and that you will enjoy. However, it’s important to do your research and find a coach who is reputable and has a track record of helping clients succeed in job interviews.


    There are a few ways you can find an interview coach:

    • Ask for recommendations from people you know
    • Search online
    • Check with professional organisations
    • Consider working with a career coach or counsellor

    When looking for an interview coach, it’s important to do your research and choose someone who is experienced and has a track record of helping people succeed in interviews. You may also want to ask for references or testimonials from past clients to get a sense of the coach’s style and effectiveness.


     Interview coaching can be worth it for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

    • It can help you feel more prepared and confident for the interview. Interview training can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to feel more comfortable and confident during the interview process.
    • It can help you make a better impression. Interview training can help you understand what employers are looking for in a candidate and give you the tools to present yourself in the best possible light.
    • It can help you tailor your approach to the specific company and role. Interview coaching can help you understand the company’s culture and values. As well as the specific skills and experience the role requires, so you can tailor your responses and approach accordingly.
    • It can help you negotiate a better salary and benefits package. Interview training can help you understand your worth and give you the skills and confidence to negotiate a better salary and benefits package.
    • Overall, interview training can be a valuable investment, especially if you are looking to improve your chances of landing a job or advancing in your career.


    Yes, we provide interview skills and preparation services to clients from across the globe, 7 days a week. If you have a telephone number which is not UK based please make sure you provide the international dial code and one of your expert trainers will be in touch.


    Job interview coaching is typically conducted one-on-one with a trained coach or in a small group setting. It can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.

    During a coaching session, the coach will typically ask the job seeker about their job search goals, their strengths, weaknesses and their past job experiences. The coach will also ask the job seeker what types of jobs they are applying for and the company they are applying to. So they can better understand the job requirements and the company culture.

    Next, the coach will work with the job seeker to develop strategies for success in the job interview. This may include practising common interview questions, role-playing mock interviews giving feedback on the job seeker’s communication style and body language. The coach may also provide guidance on resume and cover letter writing, networking, and other job search skills.

    Overall, the goal of job interview coaching is to help the job seeker feel more confident and prepared for their upcoming job interview and to increase their chances of success in the job search process.


    Expert interview coaching sessions can vary in length depending on the specific needs and goals of the individual seeking coaching. Some coaching sessions may be as short as 30 minutes, while others may last several hours. The length of the session will depend on factors such as the complexity of the material being covered, the number of topics that need to be addressed, and the individual’s learning style and pace. In general, an expert interview training session will be focused on helping the individual prepare for a specific job interview and will include a combination of instruction, practice, and feedback. The length of the session will be determined based on the needs of the individual and the goals of the coaching.

    Career Interview Coaching

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    Coaching you to your career Goals
    We offer a range of Career Interview Coaching solutions from helping professionals change careers, devising career strategies, skills development and leadership coaching.
    Career CHange

    Our experts possess over 10 years of career expertise developing tailored individual plans and programmes at all levels…

    LEadership & Career Skills Development

    We have extensive experience in coaching professionals to develop their leadership and soft skills…

    Senior & Executive Coaching

    Learn more about how we help Senior & Executive Professionals refine and improve their skills. All programmes are tailored and are conducted on a 1-1 coaching basis…

    Success Stories

    “I am so delighted. I started to look for a new role in April and 5 months later despite more than 10 first interviews and several second interviews no job offer! I decided to get me a job coach and enrolled on the combined coach and E learning course from Interviewology The E learning was really insightful but it was (in my opinion) the one to one coaching that tipped the balance. Whatever it was the very next interview led to a second interview and today a job offer, finally! A fine return on my investment for sure.”

    Diane- Learning & Development Manager (UK)

    interview coaching 5 star rating

    “Amazing! I can’t thank Job Interviewology for what they did for me. I am actively looking for a job, I have been invited to a few interviews and although I have the right experience for the role, I get extremely nervous, mumble and never know what to say during the interview, therefore zero job offers. After considering various options, I chose Job Interviewology… Best decision ever! From the first second, I got an exceptional service, the process was smooth, tremendously enjoyable. I did an interview today and I confidently say that I nailed it, I felt comfortable, confident and fluent. Whether I get the job or not, is irrelevant. Job Interviewology has equipped me with fantastic skills that will last a life time and really helped me overcome interview fears.”

    Eren- Senior Project Manager (UK)

    interview coaching 5 star rating
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    Interview Consultation

    Session will last 20 mins via telephone

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        Farhan Raja

        I'm Farhan, the Founder and Coach at, one of the world’s leading Career and interview Coaching specialists. Bringing over a decade of industry experience and a passion for guiding individuals in their career journeys. As an Interview and Career Coach, I've authored the eBook '10 Simple Steps to CV & Resume Success,' directed a leading UK CV writing specialist, and pioneered the iPREP interview coaching methodology.

        My career and interview coaching has spanned over 10 years across diverse industries, from IT giants like Google and Microsoft to vital sectors like Civil Service & NHS, Pharma, Finance, Engineering, Automotive, Construction, Logistics, Banking, and Management Consulting. I've had the privilege of assisting professionals in presenting their best selves, and targeting roles at renowned companies like Amazon, GSK, EY, Shell, Rolls Royce and more.