Four ways to instantly boost your confidence just before a presentation or job interview

Confidence, it’s a mysterious entity. When you’re in its bubble you’re ready to take on the world, your walk has a swagger and your smile has that charm. It’s a wonderful feeling! However like any emotional state it can change within an instant, just like the water temperature when someone decides to wash the dishes whilst you’re having a shower. From hot to cold and back to hot again (one of the unfortunate downsides to combination boilers).

Now, if your job interview was a person, then confidence would be its backbone. It’s in the background, not necessarily getting the plaudits but it provides you with the critical support, strenght and structure your body requires.

So how do you give yourself that last important confidence boost just before your big job interview or presentation? Two words “ Alpha Poses”! Studies undertaken by Amy Ruddy of Harvard University showed that professionals who had practiced alpha poses right before a meeting, presentation or job interview, felt more confident and were perceived as more confident by those around them. I’ve been coaching these techniques to clients for many years and I can tell you one thing for sure, they work! An alpha pose causes a spike in the body’s testosterone levels which also leads to lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Lower stress will allow you to produce a more confident state of mind.

Below are my top four poses which you should try just prior to going in for an interview or presentation. Note you will need to find an empty room (a toilet or a cubical) so that you can act out your alpha poses without out the judging eyes of others around you.

Pose One: The Superhero, hands on hips, straight back and shoulders. As you’re doing just imagine that you are a super hero!

alpha pose 1Image @dguz1 Instagram

Pose Two: The Footballer Celebration, arms up at 45 degrees from your shoulders, straightback and shoulders. Just imagine you’ve scored the winning goal in the world cup final!

alpha pose 2Image @tiiamarikasworld Instagram

Pose Three: The Model, same as the superhero pose except your hands are by your side. Own it!

alpha pose 3Image @devmalik07 Instagram

Pose Four: Just Relaxing, put your hands behind your head lean back, if you can do it sitting down then even better.

alpha pose 4Image @joe_leroy instagram

After doing a few of these, you’ll feel revitalised and be ready to ace your Interview or presentation! Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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Farhan Raja

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