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The Job Interview, the final hurdle! All your job search efforts over the last month will come down to this one critical hour (give or take).  Now we all know the obvious “do’s and don’ts”  when it comes to job interviews… Smile, make eye contact,  never be late, do your research and so on. However there are certain things which many people don’t realise and can potentially cost you your dream job.

Leaving an average last impression

Most people only think about the importance of a great first impression however it’s your last and final impression is just as, if not more important. So how does one leave a great last impression? Well it’s simpler than you might think! At the end of the interview, when you’re asked “do you have any questions?” make sure you ask an interesting one.  Don’t just say the usual “what’s the salary like?” or  “How soon will you make a decision?” Instead use this as an opportunity to show off! For example “I’ve noticed that in the last 3 years that you’ve opened up 4 new stores in London, It clearly shows that your company is growing far quicker than your competitors, what’s the reason behind your success?” Asking a more thought through question is like adding that final polish, and finishing on such a positive note will stay with the interview panel even after you’ve left the room.

Missing opportunities to  small talk

Remember interviewers aren’t only looking for someone to simply do the job, they also want someone they’ll enjoy working with. The less likable you are the less likely you are to get the job.

The biggest opportunity to build rapport is when the interviewer comes to meet you at the reception. Now your walk to the interview room is your 1minute of ‘small talk time’ to build rapport. So it’s important to make that time count! Talk about the weather, maybe your journey to the office or If you know that the hiring manager is a huge sports fan (via your research) talk about the game on the weekend and so on. Try to keep the conversation flowing, by the time  you’ve made it to the interview room and sat down, the hiring manager is thinking “I have a good feeling about this one”.

Being afraid of the awkward silence

Picture this moment – You’re about to finish answering a  question, however instead of finishing, you start thinking “do they want more from me?” a moment of panic sets in and you continue your  answer beyond its natural conclusion. Turning your answer in to a rather confused waffle. Your answer has gone from great to mediocre.

So to avoid this from happening, conclude your answer at a place where you feel it’s right! There might be an awkward moment of silence which lasts a few seconds and that moment might feel like an age, but don’t be afraid of it. In the majority of cases the silence is there because the interviewers are being polite and want to give you the time and space to answer the question. So it’s important not to panic and to keep your cool, because there’s nothing worse than an answer which starts off great but ends up in a cul-de-sac. If you feel that they want more from you. Then once you’ve finished your answer, ask them “would you like me to elaborate/explain further?”  If they say  “Yes” you can then continue your answer.

Farhan Raja

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