What is The Average Starting Salary at Google?

With Google being such a large company With over a hundred thousand employees expanding all four continents with a whole spectrum of departments and business areas. The question: what is the average starting salary at Google can vary a lot depending on location, business area and type of role. Here we’re going to look at these three areas and understand what is the average Google salary based on location, business area and job type.

Salary Based on Regions of the World

Global Region Average Starting Salary
United States $85,000 – $105,000
Canada $65,000 – $85,000
United Kingdom £40,000 – £50,000
Germany €45,000 – €60,000
France €40,000 – €50,000
Australia AU$70,000 – AU$90,000
India INR 1,200,000 – INR 1,800,000
Singapore SGD 70,000 – SGD 90,000
Brazil R$90,000 – R$120,000


As you can see the United States has a high starting salary and this is understandable since the Alphabet Head Office is based in Mountain View, California and the West Coast and we know that this is a very expensive part of the world to live in hence why the starting salary is so high.  

Also, if you look at Google’s starting salary UK we can see that it’s between £40,000 to £50,000. This is at least 20 to 30% higher than the average starting salary.  Again this comes down to  a number of factors, the first being that to work at Google you have to be the best and to attract the best you have to pay well and secondly is to consider where Google is located within the UK.  Which is in the South East of England Google’s  London Salary is  higher due to the cost of living. However if you are working remotely outside of London, then the Google salary UK will be lower. 

 If you are keen to secure a job offer from an Alphabet company then I would highly recommend that you consider some professional Google interview coaching as it will help you  in gaining a distinct advantage over other interviewees, since every job at Google is highly competitive. 


Alphabet Inc Salary based on business area

Alphabet Inc Business Average Starting Salary (USD) Average Starting Salary (GBP)
Google Google Cloud $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
YouTube $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Search and Advertising $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
Android and Mobile Apps $100k – $140k £75k – £105k
Google Maps $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Google Chrome $100k – $140k £75k – £105k
Google AI $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Google Ads $100k – $140k £75k – £105k
Google Play $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Google Hardware $100k – $140k £75k – £105k
Google Research $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
Google Fiber $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Google Nest $100k – $140k £75k – £105k
Waze $80k – $120k £60k – £90k
DeepMind $100k – $140k £75k – £105k
Waymo $100k – $140k £75k – £105k
Verily $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Chronicle $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Sidewalk Labs $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Jigsaw $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Calico $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
Wing $80k – $120k £60k – £90k
Loon $80k – $120k £60k – £90k
Makani $80k – $120k £60k – £90k
Gradient Ventures $90k – $130k £65k – £95k
GV (formerly Google Ventures) $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
CapitalG $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
GV Life Sciences $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
GV Management $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
GV Foundation $110k – $150k £80k – £110k
X (formerly Google X) $120k – $160k £90k – £120k


As you can see the average salary can range anywhere from 80,000 dollars up to 260 thousand dollars or 62000 to 220,000 pounds.  With there being such a large range in starting salary it’s important to know how to negotiate a salary offer since the extra income can make a World difference to your quality of life. 

Also as you can see  the Alphabet Inc  business says which of course Google are the largest part all pay well.  Again this comes down to the fact that many of these business areas are highly specialised and are working on cutting Edge technology and therefore are willing to pay more than the average starting salary within their Industries. This particularly applies to companies such as Deepmind and X (formerly Google X) which are working on real cutting edge research.


Google Pay based on Job Type

Role Type Subcategories Average Starting Salary (USD) Average Starting Salary (GBP)
Engineering/ Technical Roles Software Engineer $120k – $150k £90k – £115k
Hardware Engineer $100k – $130k £75k – £95k
Systems Engineer $110k – $140k £80k – £105k
Product Management Associate Product Manager $110k – $130k £80k – £95k
Product Manager $130k – $150k £95k – £110k
Sales and Marketing Sales Associate/Representative $70k – $90k £50k – £65k
Marketing Associate $70k – $90k £50k – £65k
Account Manager $80k – $110k £60k – £80k
Data Science /Analytics Data Analyst $90k – $110k £65k – £80k
Data Scientist $110k – $130k £80k – £95k


As you can see engineering and technical roles such as hardware software and Systems engineers have the highest starting salary. This is inline with most Industries since the more specialist niche the role is the few people do it and if the demand is high then the market dictates that these people get paid more. However, the Google software engineers salary can vary more, mostly due to there being so many roles which require various degrees of technical expertise. 

On the flip side you have sales and marketing which paste the least particularly in terms of starting salary but what you will find is that these roles will be highly incentivized particularly with sales where there will be a bonus there will be OTE (On Target Earnings),  which means that you can actually end up earning more money than other job roles.  product management has recently taken a bit of a hit at Google and this is partly because of the layoffs that have happened  in 2023. 

So with there being a surplus amount of product managers in the market there is a possibility that the starting salary will go down. Not only, within various Alphabet companies, but across the sector as a whole.  Google of course is always recruiting and if you are considering applying to Google or have an interview coming up It’s really important that you prepare  for the common Google interview questions. Since the interview is highly competitive, being prepared will give you the edge. 

To summarise, Google starting salary is usually higher compared to the industry average.  However, when you look at all the Unicorn companies (FAANG) whether it’s Amazon, Meta or Apple They always pay higher than the average  because they want to recruit the best and they have the financial muscle and power to be able to do so.  However, in saying that getting a job at these companies isn’t easy you have to be amongst the best 20% in your field to have a chance of landing a job there and that not only means in terms of your  experience but more importantly your ability to interview well.

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