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Interview coaching

NHS Interview coaching Civil service

NHS and Civil Service Interview coaching. These interviews can be amongst the most difficult in any industry with very strict scoring. If you don’t tick the right boxes in the interview you won’t be getting the job no matter how experienced or talented you are. Our coaches will provide their expertise to help you build strong answers utilising the STAR (competency based interview) technique. Also, we will support you in overcoming interview nerves and anxiety. Helping you to deliver high scoring answers.

  • NHS Operational & Administrative
  • NHS Clinical & Support
  • NHS Project & IT
  • Primary Care Services
  • Social Services
  • Central Government (MoJ, MoD, Home Office etc.)
  • HMRC, DWP, DEFRA, Ofgem, Ofsted
  • Local Government (Borough, City Council, County Council)
  • Police Service
  • Fire & Ambulance Services

Try our Free Consultation Session or call us on 01865 522183. After, if you’d like further support we can tell you more about our range of coaching options starting from £95.00.

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    NHS interview coaching Civil service

    NHS Interview coaching Civil service start

    Nhs interview coaching Civil service

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    Featured Success Story

    “So, I needed help with preparing for an interview as I’d lost my self confidence following several failed attempts.

    I was anxious about choosing Job Interviewology as I’d used online coaching websites in the past and for me nothing seemed to work. But, when I signed up with Job Interviewology. The support my coach provided was above and beyond anything I’d previously received from a career coaching expert.

    After the interview coaching consultation, I found the whole process stress free due to my coach’s input and professionalism and in the end was very pleased with the outcome which was far more than I’d hoped for. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d gone from bottom to top as, initially, when questioned I struggled to find the words to explain my reasons for applying for the job, yet during my interview I talked passionately.

    The results were fantastic as not only did I get my ideal job but it was with a multi award winning organisation in the housing industry.

    What I particularly liked about the service is that my coach took the time to explain the options to me in a way that I could understand but it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing competency based tasks, receiving honest feedback and interacting over an intensive three days prior to my interview.

    I would recommend the service to anyone who has a job related/career problem they can’t solve. I can’t thank Job Interviewology enough for helping me to rediscover my voice for which I’m eternally grateful.”

    Caroline- Housing Scheme Manager (UK)

    1 to 1 Interview Coaching for the NHS & Civil Service

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    • One to one expert NHS  & Civil Interview coaching including mock interviews and feedback.
    • Overcome your interview nerves  and anxiety.
    • Develop hi-impact answers which resonate with the interviewers.
    • Answer  NHS & Civil Service competency  based  and behavioural questions with depth and structure.
    • Manage blanking or panicking mid interview.
    • Demonstrate strong and positive body language.
    • Deliver answers with confidence and conviction.
    • Face 2 face interviews, telephone interviews, group interviews, presentations and Skype interview prep.
    Civil service interview coaching
    Our Philosophy
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    At Job Interviewology we believe that every individual is unique and full of untapped potential to excel in their careers. We pride ourselves in in providing the highest quality coaching and mentoring for all our clients.


    We believe that every person is a unique individual brimming with potential.


    We believe that no matter what your talent, it has to be nurtured through investing your time, energy and resources.   


    You have the capacity to evolve and become a stronger version of yourself.


    By believing, investing and evolving you can make your career vision and goals a reality.

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    Expert Consultation

    Session will last 20 mins via telephone

      Other Interview
      Coaching OPTIONS
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      We provide a complete range of interview preparation programmes ranging from 1 to 1 interview bespoke coaching, online programmes, Skype interviews, telephone interviews, interview presentations and group workshops.
      NHS & Civil Service Interviews
      Civil Service & NHS Interview Coaching. Across all public sector services including Civil, Fire, Police, Social Services & Teachers. For roles Admin, Operational, Project and Clinical. Learn to answer competency questions with confidence.
      Management Interviews Coaching
      Soft skills focused interviews, including for Team Leaders, Departmental Heads, Operational and Project Managers. Learn to develop engaging answers, deliver with confidence and conviction.
      Competency Based Interviews Coaching
      Learn how to answer Competency Based Questions (STAR technique) with confidence structure and conviction. For all sectors and levels (including entry level, managerial, and senior roles).
      Corporate Interview Coaching
      Corporate Interview Coaching including for Management Consultancy roles, Accountancy, Legal, Financial and Risk. Learn how to answer competency questions, strength based questions with confidence and depth.
      Group Interview Coaching & Presentations
      Successfully learn to navigate and shine group interviews. Also learn how to successfully develop and deliver engaging presentations to shine at interview.
      Executive Interview Coaching
      Senior Management interview coaching covering CEO, COO, VP and Director level positions. Learn to develop high quality engaging narratives and increase gravitas.
      Amazon & Google Interview Coaching
      Training for AWS leadership principles based interviews, Google's "googleyness" or Apple's behavioural questions our experienced coaches will help you to deliver.
      Graduate Interview Coaching
      Graduate interview training, whether it's an assessment day, video interview, group or face to face, our experienced coaches can help you raise your interview performance.
      Video Interview Coaching
      Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Skype video interview coaching. Our expert coaches will train you to deliver a high level, confident and refined interview performance via video call.